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Take Control of Your Closet Clutter and End the War of the Wardrobe!

Your wardrobe does not have to be a battlefield!

Take control of your closet clutter and end the war of the wardrobe! Our closets can many times seem as if a bomb has exploded!

From messy sweater piles and misplaced socks to tangled necklaces and out of season items – wardrobes can be our biggest fashion enemies when preparing ourselves for a productive week at work or a fabulous night out on the town.

organized wardrobe within a custom closet

custom closet designed by closet renovators

Whether big or small, clutter has a sneaky way of working its way into our lives, leaving us behind enemy grounds once again! Don’t get sucked into a never ending battle, you can beat your wardrobe!

Your closet clutter can be combated with these 15 simple tricks that will make your closet more manageable and your life much simpler. The War in Wardrobe ends now!

Take Out the Enemy!!

In this case your biggest enemy is everything shoved in your wardrobe or closet. Get rid of the clutter and start with an empty space, so you can determine how much room you have!

Bring in Backup!

Not saying that your should hire a professional closet renovator, but cleaning out your clutter is much easier with a friend and a true friend is more likely to give you honest advice on what you should or should not keep! Plus they will give you a few laughs during the war against your clothing mess!

Get rid of anything and everything

If you have not worn in the past six months to a year, it’s done. If it is a seasonal item that you’d like to keep, pack it up in storage with similar items. Here are some tips on how to layer clothing for all seasons.

Battle the bulge of exploding shoes with these simple tricks:

If the shoes feel like you’re wearing razorblades when you wear them for longer than a half hour, get rid of them!! There is no reason to keep shoes you barely wear because they are so painful, your feet won’t shrink, sorry!

Use a wicker basket or canvas tote for flip flops and sandals.

Or make hangers for your shoes!

For your fancy heels, display the beauties like a proud waving victory flag out on a bookshelf! Check out more ingenious ways to store shoes on buzzfeed!

Attack of the Accessories!!

The next five tips for conquering your wardrobe clutter are pertinent to getting and maintaining closet organization!

Upcycle an old window with chicken wire for jewelry. You can hang earrings, sunglasses, necklaces and even scarves! Use wooden clothespins for a vintage look or save some twist ties from bread bags for smaller attachments. An easy solution for organizing and displaying your favorite bracelets and bangles is to use a couple glass soda bottles and stack them on top of each other. To make it even cuter, display the bangles on the bottles in a wooden wine crate!
Jewelry storage custom organization

Store jewelry for organization as well as display

Guys have accessories too! From ties to belts and shoes – these items easily get lost in a small closet that is packed full of man clothes! Follow this tutorial to enhance your guy’s closet space! He can even pin up his business or workout itinerary on this cool pushpin board! If you have an arsenal of eyeglasses or fashionable sunglasses, you may have experienced the problem of finding a storage solution for them. Use a wooden coat hanger to display glasses on for an easy find storage solution.

If you’ve ever felt like dealing with your closet coat hangers is a battle, these organization tricks will help you get more space and stop untangling your hangers constantly.
Rally the Troops! Once you have organized and sorted through your wardrobe, you can call in your friends and family to take all the excess things you cleared out. Organize a day when your friends can come over, pop a bottle of bubbly and give them free gifts out of your old clutter!
Banish small closet doors that never open wide enough by installing a curtain rod. Get rid of the door and utilize pretty linens to enhance your closets look and offer a more functional entryway to get to your favorite clothes.You can use this trick for any closet in your house, including hallways closets, linen closets and even bathroom storage closets!


Reach In Closets

Reach in closet from Closet Renovators


Utilize every space and never give in to clutter. Yes, it is a constant battle to keep organized, but these tips should help and if you’re really in need of some allied forces, call a professional custom closet designer and get yourself the best organization artillery available!
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