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Custom Closets: Why They are Worth It!

Custom Closets: Why They are Worth It!

If you have considered having custom closets put into your home, one thing that might be holding you back is the price. You can see the benefits, which include having more space available and taking control of any clutter monsters that you may have, but the price tag… Is it really worth it? Only you know what your budget can handle, but here are some considerations to keep in mind when you are trying to decide whether you want to make the investment in custom closets:

Find out what numbers you’re working with.

The actual price of a custom closet may be very different from what you think a custom closet will cost. It’s important to call several closet companies and to ask not only what their prices are, but also what they include. If you’re looking for a completely customized closet, then you will pay more than if you are just looking for someone to come in and install closet organizers purchased from a home improvement store. Here is a good resource with prices for custom closets and other home organization systems.

Determine how much a lack of organization is costing you.

You have to consider that if you’re struggling with home organization, you may be paying a hefty price for it. For example, if you routinely throw away food that has expired because you didn’t see it in the back of the pantry, this is costing you money. The same goes for having to replace clothing more often because it’s rubbing up against other clothing or snagging on zippers or buttons in your closet. Tangled necklaces and broken chains are another way that a lack of proper storage spaces could be costing you. Finally, if you have a home office, disorganization results in less productivity, which results in less income. It very well may be that custom closets will pay for themselves over time, and it may be less time than you think!

You can recoup the costs when you sell your home.

Custom closets, along with other home upgrades that increase storage space, may raise the value of your home. Your real estate agent will understand your local market and can advise you on this more specifically, but in general, home-buyers are drawn to homes with good storage spaces. Custom closets also look nice, which, in turn, can make your home look more attractive to potential buyers. If you are unsure about having a large closet built, you might consider having custom kids’ closets put in; they can raise your home’s value as much as walk-in closets, and they are more affordable. Even if you are not planning on selling soon, it’s likely that at some point, you will want or need to put your house on the market. You can often look at custom closets as an investment in your future.

Remember that your custom closet professional is used to working with homeowners who have specific budgets in mind. If you think that you would like to have a home organization system installed in your home, then call your local closet organizers and find out whether they offer a free consultation, during which you can ask all of the questions you need to.

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