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Why Have a Custom Garage Installed?

Why Have a Custom Garage Installed?

You might be completely sold on the idea of having custom closets installed in your home. You understand that they will help you save space, smooth out your morning routines, and that they might even save you money – or make you money, if you are putting your home on the market! Have you considered applying those same principles to having a custom garage installed? If you haven’t ever thought about redesigning your garage, here are a few reasons why you might consider it:

Custom garages will also save you space.

Your garage is probably the largest storage area in your home. Many homeowners use their garages to store everything from tools and gardening supplies, to sports equipment, seasonal decorations and a variety of chemicals and cleansers. Some people store so much in their garages, that they don’t have room to park the car. By utilizing your space better, you may be surprised at the amount of space you gain. When you have a custom garage installed, we use not only the floor space, but also the wall space and the spaces overhead, that you probably don’t think much about. If you are currently parking your car in the driveway because you don’t have room in the garage, we may be able to help.

Custom garages make bigger projects run more smoothly.

Just as custom closets can help you with the day-to-day routines in your home, a custom garage can make it simpler to undertake bigger projects. If your lawn and garden supplies are easily accessible, it will be much easier and more pleasant to work in the garden, mow the lawn, rake leaves or shovel snow. When the time comes to replace a cracked tile in your kitchen or bathroom, imagine being able to walk out to your garage and extract a replacement quickly and easily, without having to rummage through various boxes or pull heavy items out of the way first. A well-organized garage can make your life just as simple as a well-organized closet or pantry.

Custom garages can save – and make – you money.

The items that you store in your garage are likely more expensive than the ones you store in your closet, for the most part. Having everything neatly stored will minimize damage, dings, dents and scratches on items like your lawnmower, car, bicycles, and so on. You also won’t be going out to replace items that you know you have stashed away in the garage somewhere, because they will be at your fingertips. Finally, when the time comes to put your house on the market, a customized garage organization system will really wow potential buyers. Everyone needs storage space, and a garage system might be the thing that turns a “maybe” into a “yes!”

The process for having a custom garage installed is similar to that of having a custom closet installed. Please give us a call if you are interested in learning more about how a customized garage organization system can work for you.

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