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Epoxy Garage Flooring vs. Cement Flooring

When it’s time to pick flooring in your garage, there are various choices that you have. Depending on your time frame and budget, there are a few options to pick from for your floor. Those are the only things you should be considering when you choose the flooring though- you really need to think of the appearance of the flooring, it’s durability, and how much maintenance it will require. 

Appearance of Your Flooring 

The main options you have for garage flooring are cement floors or the epoxy garage floors. Cement is definitely the less expensive option, but let’s face it- the cement is plain and it looks worse as time goes on. Cement floors are susceptible to stains from paint, oil from your car, etc. The advantage that you have with epoxy garage flooring is that it’s resistant to stains from these things. The epoxy flooring also is very easy to clean so once you wipe off the grease, your garage floor is back to looking fresh and new again. With cement floors, you have the option of only grey; with the epoxy, you have many choices for color, including bright solid colors, and chip finishes. While the epoxy garage flooring is pricier, it certainly is the better looking option.

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Durability Over Time 

A big factor in your garage flooring choice should be its ability to hold up over time. The garage floor is going to take quite a beating as you park your cars in there, work on home-improvement projects, and take on messy activities, so your flooring needs to stand up to these things. One thing that you’ll notice is that over time, cement floors crack due to changes in the temperature in the garage. The epoxy garage flooring is made with strong resin and hardening ingredients for the purpose of keeping the floor crack-resistant no matter the temperature. Epoxy also resists chipping from the dropping of tools and the pressure from your cars. Cement tends to become uneven with cracks and chips over time. This is a big factor in finding the right kind of flooring to use in your garage. After all, your garage floor will be something that you’ll have for years.

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Simple to Maintain

Many families use the garage to take on messy household tasks like painting, working on your car, and, with the kids, crazy science projects. The garage floor is going to get messy either way, with oil, paint, and grease stains. So, you’re going to want a floor that’s easy to clean and maintain the neatness of. Cement floors have a tendency to shed powder over time, and also hold onto those drip-stains from your cars. One of the best parts of the epoxy floors is that they’re so easy to clean- you can wipe the oil and grease off easily. Cement floors might not be so bad if they’d stay clean, but since they hold onto stains, after about three months of having it, it won’t even look new. The epoxy garage floors might cost a bit more, but years after getting them, you can keep them looking like they’re a week old.


If you’re on a tighter budget, the cement floor might still be a consideration. But if you have the option, an epoxy garage floor ends up being a much better investment in the long term. At Closet Renovators, our goal is to help you maintain the neatest house possible, so contact us to see what tips we can give you to improve your home’s organization- there’s no obligation. Call us today!

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