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Our Favorite Organizers to Keep Your Garage Neat!

Is your garage as organized as it could be? Maybe you have a shelving unit in your garage. Perhaps you’ve even installed some shelves. While these can provide some storage space, chances are good that you have items on the floor or piled haphazardly in the corner. It’s even possible that one of your most expensive belongings, your vehicle, is parked on the road or in the driveway, exposed to the elements, because you don’t have room to park it in the garage!

What would you say if we told you that at Closet Renovators, we specialize in creating unique garage organization systems that will allow you to store almost anything in your garage? What if we also told you that we can even make room for you to store your car? Unbelievable? Take a look at some of the garage organizers we have that can help you keep your garage clutter-free.

Wall Storage 

With gridwall or slatwall wall coverings, you have the flexibility and durability you need. What we do is install the covering in whatever configuration works for you. Then all you need to do is attach a variety of hooks, racks, bins and other accessories to hold anything you want to store on your wall! Small bins can hold hardware, racks can hold your ladder or spray cans, hooks can hold your rakes, shovels and sports equipment. The possibilities are endless!

Silver Sliding Door-Grey Slatwall-Silverado Floor-Barker 2012 2

Garage Cabinets 

Instead of keeping valuable items on shelves, where they are exposed to dust and other elements, consider having custom garage cabinets installed. Our garage cabinets are made with quality in mind. Our doors open and close smoothly. The cabinets are wall-mounted, making it simple to clean underneath them. (We also find that wall-mounted cabinets are more stable than cabinets that sit on the floor.) Our shelves are an inch thick and bear up to 100 lbs each. What’s not to love? In addition, they come in finishes ranging from wood grain to metallic, matte to powder-coated. No matter what your sense of style, we’ve got the cabinets to suit it.

Red Sliding Cabinets CLOSED w Stainless Workbench-Grey Slatwall-Aug 2013 2

Overhead Storage 

Where are you keeping your bicycle? Have you considered a bike rack on the ceiling? Not only will your bikes be away from where they can be knocked over, potentially scratching your car, but they’ll be easy to take down when you want to go for a ride. In addition, we offer ceiling racks, MonkeyBars and other overhead storage options. You can keep your ladders, seasonal decorations, garden tools and more in the often-forgotten square footage at the top of your garage! There is some great storage potential here, so we can help you take advantage of it.

Maple Cabinets-Ebony Star Workbench-Overhead Storage-motorcycle-angle 2012 2


If all of that isn’t enough, we can also include a workbench in your custom garage. Store your tools in the cabinets and drawers, and use the worktop for whatever you want. It’s a smooth, steady surface for you to work on anything messy or complicated that you don’t want to do at the kitchen table. Our workbenches come in three finishes, so you can choose what will go best with your decor.

Granite Workbench-Stainless Steel Counter-Gray Slatwall-Smoke Floor-More Props-Arcadia-Mar 2013

In no time at all, you can be enjoying a well-organized garage. Give us a call today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation appointment. Don’t wait, because you have nothing to lose!

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