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Getting Your Kids Closet Under Control

There is nothing more complicated than convincing your kid as to why organizing their room is important. If you share this experience with the rest of us, take a few deep breaths and continue to read through the article in order to get tips and tricks on handling your kid’s closet organization.

Multiple factors need to be taken into account in consideration of your child’s closet organization. Such things include, setting an example, creating good habits, and using the proper organizers. Coupling with your child’s encouragement, you need to install the proper organizers to ensure the longevity of your efforts.

We at Closet Renovators have come up organization solutions to this very problem. Throughout this article we will go through certain organizers so that you can blend them together for your own unique style and function.


Tips and Trick To Custom Kid’s Closet Organization


Double Hanging Rods

More of your traditional hanging rods can sometimes be ineffective because they can take up too much space or difficult to reach for your kid. By using double hanging rods, aligned towards the bottom of the closet will better suit your kid’s organization needs. From that point, you can begin to figure out the games that will get your child to hang up the clothes whenever they are done. One of the things we find to be the most beneficial is a simple principle, never let it seem like a chore, and do it with them a lot. Kid’s want to have fun, and they want to be with their parents, plain and simple. Be just as present with them in organizing their closet as you are present with them if they are sick and need you.

Modern Candlelight Boys Reach-In Closet 

Custom Drawers That Are Labelled

The drawers are the most common storage solution for all closets, from walk-in closets, to kid’s closets. Labeling each drawer for the item you will store is a great way to keep your kid fluid when they don’t want to put their clothes away. Take it a step further, don’t just label the drawer with a word like “underwear” or “socks” label it with fun stickers that represent the items, and then change the stickers every week or so.


Bins and Baskets

Kid’s have an endless supply of energy and toys to match. In the room at any given time there can be one thousand fluffy, sharp, hard, soft, or squishy materials laying around. The use of bins and baskets that are also labeled with fun stickers to organize these items. You probably don’t have enough space for bins and baskets so it’s crucial to teach your kid the valuable lesson of letting go and sharing. This is going to be a difficult one for most kids, but once they feel the love that is created with true compassion they will change.


Shoe Racks

Storing shoes on a shoe rack is great way to keep your kids from losing their shoes. If your child is doing sports, or any other type of extra-curricular activities then some sort of shoe organization will be necessary in order to maintain the rooms organization.


Closet Cabinets and Shelves

Having open shelves and cabinet space in your kid’s closet will help to separate the space visually. This will help to declutter the mind of your child all through them growing up. After this final touch has been implemented into the space, take some time to decorate the space with your children and again, be present, use stickers and other fun trinkets that will help to create a lasting memory and set up great habits for the future.


When dealing with a typical home in the Virginia area, we at Closet Renovators take the time to consult in person, and draft multiple designs in order to achieve the optimal organization system. Click this link to sign up for a free consultation today.

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