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How Do Custom Closets Save Space?

How Do Custom Closets Save Space?

You have probably heard it said that having custom closets installed can help you save space in your closet. If you’re currently peering into your stuffed-to-the-gills walk-in closet, wondering where you could possibly find more space, you might be happy to know that there are products available that could help you maximize every inch of your closet. Remember that when you are working in a closet, you have vertical as well as horizontal space. Here are some ways that custom closets can help you find room that you never even knew you had:

    • Custom closets include shelving along with clothing rods
      You probably already have a shelf or two located above your hanging rods. These are great for storing blankets, seasonal decorations and other things that you might not have to access very often, but since they’re high up, you might not be able to store jeans, sweaters and accessories that you need to be able to get to frequently. When you have a custom closet installed, however, you will most likely end up with more shelving at easy-to-reach heights.


  • Custom closets include rods at different levels
    Not all of your clothing is the same length. When you have a custom closet installed, you will have rods placed up high for dresses and longer items, as well as those placed one under the other for blouses, pants hung folded over the hanger, and other shorter items. This consolidates the amount of horizontal space that is taken up by hanging clothing and will allow you to store more items.
  • Custom closets often include drawers
    When you have less space taken up by hanging clothing, you’ll have more space for drawers to be installed. What this does is allow you to store your undergarments, hosiery and other small items that are usually stored in a bureau or dresser in the main part of your bedroom. This can actually open up space in the bedroom to allow you to create a small sitting area or place other furniture in the room. It also lets you get ready for work in the morning without having to turn on a light in the main bedroom area, which is a bonus if you wake up earlier or later than your partner.
  • Custom closets come with lots of accessories to boost your storage possibilities
    Instead of tossing your shoes on the floor of your closet, you’ll have a neat and tidy shoe rack that will keep your footwear organized and out of the way. You can also choose a tie rack, belt hooks, jewelry trays and more. All of these accessories are placed carefully to avoid allowing them to take up any more room than necessary, so they will increase your available storage area without being cumbersome.


The great thing about increasing the space in your master walk-in closet is that it will benefit other areas of the home as well. You may find that you now have the room to store clothing that you’re waiting for your children to grow into, opening up space in their closets, or to store seasonal decorations, increasing the amount of space available in your garage. Whether you put some space-saving strategies into effect by installing DIY custom closets or by hiring a professional, you can maximize your available space and find room that you never even knew you had.

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