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How to Keep Your Linen Closet Organized

How to Keep Your Linen Closet Organized

If you have a very real fear of having an avalanche of towels and sheets fall on your head when you open your linen closet, then this article is for you. Linen closets are one of those areas of the home that tend to get overwhelmed with clutter quickly. You might put the towels away neatly stacked, but after a few showers are taken by various members of the family, the shelves may look like a tangle of terry cloth. In addition, you have sheets, pillowcases, washcloths and toiletries that have the potential to get all jumbled. Here are some great tips on how you can keep your linen closet organized:

Put towels and washcloths on a low shelf if you have children.

Since young kids are unlikely to be helping themselves to sheets and toiletries, it makes the most sense to keep towels, which they do need to be able to access easily, within their reach. Not having to stretch to pull out a towel might help keep them in a neat stack, and if not, you can show them how to make the towels look neat again.

Purge your sheets.

You really only need two sheet sets per bed; when one set is on the bed, the other can be in the wash or put away. If you have a child who wets the bed, three sets would work better. Consider giving away excess sheets to charity or at least storing them somewhere else out of the way if you can’t bear to part with them.

Relocate sheets to the appropriate bedroom.

Another option if you have too many sheets (and blankets and pillows) in your linen closet is to put them in a drawer or on the closet shelf of a bedroom. This works well for kids who are old enough to make their own beds but not tall (or neat) enough to reach their set in the closet without knocking everything over.

Use shelf dividers.

Once you have your linens pared down a bit, invest in some shelf dividers to keep your stacks neat. Instead of having one teetering tower of towels, for example, you can make two or three stacks on the same shelf.

Make sure that your toiletries and cleaning supplies are stored safely.

If you have little ones who like to rummage through the linen closet, be sure that your toiletries and cleaning supplies are up high and out of the way. The top shelf of the linen closet might be a good option. If your toddlers are climbers, then you will need to relocate these items to a locked cabinet somewhere else.

Use plenty of containers.

Baskets, bins and buckets are your friends when it comes to linen closet organization. You can place rolled-up washcloths in a container, as well as your smaller toiletries. Pick up containers at any discount or home improvement store, or you can decorate your own if you are crafty. Here is a great tutorial on how to decoupage a pail with fabric.

Label everything.

If your family members can read, then labels will make it so that there’s no excuse for not putting things away neatly in the linen closet. Use a label-maker or make your own out of scrapbook paper and a calligraphy pen. If you have small children who don’t read yet, you could add photos or drawings to help them know what goes where.

Linen closet organization is the domain of the entire family, because everyone uses this storage space. By getting it under control, you’ll eliminate some of the hassle of opening the closet. Since you probably use this area every day, this can reduce a lot of your stress. Good luck!

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