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Kids Going Back To School? Get Ahead of the School Supplies Chaos With These Five Tips!

Summer is ending and the kids are all heading back to school. The first week of school is always full of gathering the supplies your child needs to excel throughout the school year. School supplies can be messy, expensive and leave you feeling drained after shopping and organizing all of it. Take our five tips to get organized and stay ahead of the school supplies chaos, so you and your kids can start the school year with ease!

1) Create a Supplies and Craft Organization System in a Small Closet!

You can utilize any small closet to create a supplies organization system. Use an over the door clear pocket system like the one shown in the video below to keep supplies.

Check out the video titled School Supply Organization: How to Organize Small Supplies at Home


2) Use a Cute Box to Get Supplies Organized

glass boxes

Glass boxes by alicia bramlett via flickr.


3) Use the Side of Your Fridge As a Magnet Board for Organization


Messages by Meagan via flickr


4) Save Money on Supplies!

Photo of markers by tlgragg via flickr


5) Make Sure Your Kid’s Don’t Lose Their Supplies!

kids arts and crafts tools

‘kids arts and crafts tools’ by Carissa Rogers via flickr.

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