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Upgrade Your Walk-In Closet to Presidential Style

Upgrade Your Walk-In Closet to Presidential Style

¬†“You deserve a walk-in closet that is Class A Presidential! Why not get started designing your walk-in closet into a luxurious storage system with the following seven tips for walk-in closet organization?!”

Check out these fabulous celebrity walk-in closets for an idea of what you can do with a little creativity and professional design!

Walk-In Tip #1: Choose Your Style!


Walk-In Closets come in a variety of styles. You can choose a classic white design with shelves, drawers and premium hanging rods for a simple chic look like above. Or choose something more modern with natural lighting, sleek black custom cabinets and overhead shelves as pictured below.


Walk-In Tip #2: Install Lighting that Enhances Your Walk-In.


Use overhead lighting for high quality viewing of your wardrobe. The custom closet pictured above boasts gorgeous light detail around the mirror as well as a decorative chandelier that casts light downward from above. Pictured below is a walk-in closet that takes advantage of natural light from a gorgeous window. For lighting choices in your walk-in, pick a style that brightens your outlook every morning!


Walk-In Tip #3: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Will Add Style and Grace to Your Walk-In!


You can choose to install full length mirrors along the entire inside of your walk-in closet to create a luxurious boutique dressing room feel and create the aesthetic of a bigger space. Mirrors add visual size to a closet, so you can actually trick your mind into thinking you have more moving space in your walk-in – pretty cool!


Walk-In Tip #4: Incorporate a House Plant or Fresh Cut Flowers to Brighten Your Walk-In Closet!


House plants are proven to improve air quality and fresh flowers just brighten your mood because they are gorgeous and your deserve them! Pictured above the fresh cut flowers tie into color coordination and style. Below is a photograph of a peace lily, which does great in low light locations, perfect for a walk-in closet addition! Check out these ten house plants that clean the air.


Walk-In Tip #5: Organize Your Jewelry with Boutique Style!


Pull Out Jewelry Drawers

Jewelry Box by creative closet

You love your jewelry and probably spent a lot of time choosing your favorite pieces. Use these jewelry organization tips to display your jewelry as shown above. Or talk to a professional closet designer about jewelry drawer insets for a unique and stylish approach to organization.


Walk-In Closet Tip # 6: Add a stylish piece of decor!


Adding a decorative rug, love seat, couch, plush chair or artwork to your walk-in closet will make it aesthetically appeasing and add flavor! Choose styles that inspire your wardrobe and creativity in fashion!


Walk-In Closet Tip #7: Make Your Walk-In Closet Your Personal Heaven!

Your walk-in closet should be a place for feeling beautiful and tapping into your fashion goddess. Everyone deserves a presidential-suite style walk-in. With DIY tips, the help of a professional closet company and your creative mind – you can renovate your walk-in into a place that isn’t just clothes storage space. Make it your own personal boutique closet heaven and enjoy! Check out these ridiculous celebrity closet’s for a fun laugh and ideas to incorporate into your own custom walk-in.

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