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Upgrade Your Garage to Presidential Style With These White House Worthy Tips

Your garage makeover should be top-notch. Don’t settle for Grade-B organization systems, when you can implement our White House worthy tips for a perfect elite garage. Follow our ten step guide to achieving an elite garage that even the President would envy!

Check out the video for all the awesome modalities it takes to make an elite garage system and to get some inspiration for your garage renovation!

Garage Upgrade One: Install an Epoxy Flooring System

Installing an epoxy coating to your garage floor will enhance your garage’s profile with high-shine interior. Epoxy floors are slip, stain and spill resistant as well as very easy to maintain. You will love the high gloss or textured look of an epoxy garage floor.

Epoxy Garage Flooring

Epoxy Garage Flooring by Organizers Direct


Garage Upgrade Two: Customize Your Cabinet Space

Garage cabinets can make all the difference in your organization setup. You can bet that a Presidential garage has the best organization system on the market, which is why we suggest that you hire a custom cabinet installer to get the best of the best for your garage. Floating cabinets work best in luxury style garages; they not only serve a functional purpose, they have aesthetic appeal that cannot be beat. Plus, you can easily clean underneath them so your epoxy floors stay perfect!

Garage Cabinets

Garage Cabinets by Closet Renovators


Garage Upgrade Three: Overhead Storage Offers Presidential Style Protection!

When it comes to your precious belongings that you want to keep preserved, overhead rack storage is your go to garage organization system. Overhead storage allows you to get your belongings off the garage floor and stored up high away from pests, water damage and the elements of mother nature. You can’t always predict a storm, but you can take preventative measures to protect your belongings. You can install the overhead shelves yourself or hire out a garage shelving expert to get the job done right!


Garage Upgrade Four: Store Your Cycles to Upkeep Them for World Class Rides

Keep your cycles in working order so when you’re ready to cruise, all you have to do is unhook your wheels from your bike storage system. Keeping your bikes up off the garage floor not only opens your garage up with more space, it keeps your bikes away from possible damage like accidental falls or weather damage.

Hanging bike racks

Hanging storage is great for bike racks, done by Organizers Direct


Garage Upgrade Five: Keepin it Classy with Presidential Style – Install a Classic Pegboard Organizer!

A pegboard is a classic American organization system that people have using forever to keep their storage spaces neat and tidy. Install a pegboard to store your tools on and reach Class A organization. You can hang everything from tools, to screws and garden equipment. Speaking of pegboards, read this article about versatile ways to use pegboards throughout the house.


Garage Upgrade Six: Install a Car Lift for the Inner Auto Mechanic in You!

There is no easier way to create garage floor space or make a great automotive working area than by installing an auto lift in your garage. You can hire a pro or order an auto lift kit from a trusted dealer. Time to get under the engine and get to work!


Garage Upgrade Seven: Create Wall Storage Space with a Slatwall System.

Many professional garage organization companies will have a slatwall system as readily available storage accessory for you to choose. Slatwall systems are a great way to store everything from bikes to yard tools and more! Create more garage work space by taking advantage of an open wall.


Garage Upgrade Eight: Go With Bright Lighting for Late Night Garage Work.

Most of us just keep the lighting system that originally came with our garages, but installing custom picked lights that provide a good source of visibility will make your garage a place you can work in through the entire night. You can install overhead lights that have a unique garage style and implement shop lights for added visibility.


Garage Upgrade Nine: Finish Your Projects on a Custom Workbench.

A custom built workbench allows you to finish all your projects in a designated area. Keep your tools at hand with a pegboard hanging above your workbench for easy access. Installing a workbench in your garage will inspire you to finish all the hobbies you started to work on but never finished!

custom workbench with garage design

Custom workbench provided by Organizers Direct


Garage Upgrade Ten: Make Your Garage Renovation a Reflection of Your Personality!

Your garage does not have to be a standard edition with no style. Upgrade to Presidential style and add in personal touches that reflect who you are. If you’re a family man, create a kid-friendly mudroom with special notes from dad or if you are a single guy who loves cars, throw up some creative metal artwork and sculptures to showcase your love for automobiles! You can even make your garage into a man cave, complete with special effect lighting and a pool table.

Garage with functionality

Add more style to your garage depending on what it is you want.

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