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Use Caution When Storing These Items In The Garage

The garage is a place where we store most of the stuff that has nowhere else to go. Although this is very convenient for time sake, it makes your garage a melting pot for disaster if you don’t understand the risks and take the necessary precautions. In this article we will highlight some of the most common items that people will store in the garage that could potentially cause a disaster, and then show you how to properly mitigate that risk.


Dog Food/ Spare Food: 

Dog food

Perishable food, especially bulk bought pet food, is normally stored in the garage.  If you keep them in a relatively dry area then you probably won’t have to worry about it going bad in any way. But, storing food in your garage, especially pet food, is a recipe for rodents. The average Rat could live off of your dog food bag for months, as the burrow further into your house and repopulate. It’s best to keep your food stored in a more sealable room, such as the bottom of your kitchen pantry to avoid feeding rodents.


Extra Fabrics:

fabrics like towel


This means extra towels, guest sheets, old clothing, etc.  It’s best to keep all spare fabric out of your garage, because of rodents again. Of course it can be a fire hazard, but your bigger worry is that the rodents that are eating your dog food, will destroy the fabric as well in more ways than one. Its best to keep your spare cloth in the laundry room or spare closet only to be pulled out when needed.



paint cans

It’s hard to find a better place to store your chemicals than in your garage. Whether its spare paint, pool chemicals, or other cleaning chemicals it’s best to understand what will happen if they mix, and then set precautions up so that it will never happen. Using separate garage cabinets can help to ensure there is no toxic mixture in the event of a spill. Make sure to keep them off of the ground and that they are always sealed no matter what. Use this resource as a beginning reference to know which household chemicals are dangerous mixtures.

Aerosol Cans:

aerosol can


As you know, most garages temperature control is independent of the house, and most of the time, non existent. The changing of temperatures, especially in summer when things are heating up, can exploit faults in the can and cause explosions. Albeit minor explosions that will most likely not hurt anyone, it still will be loud, and scary and messy. Most of us are going to either store your cans in the garage or in a shed so aim for the coolest point in your space and go from there.

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