Murphy Beds

Welcome Overnight Visitors With a Murphy Bed

Do you ever hesitate to invite out-of-town guests to spend an evening, a weekend or a full week at your home due to a lack of space? Many families do not have an extra bedroom, and putting visitors on a lumpy pull-out sofa bed or on air mattresses on the floor can make you feel uncomfortable. Now there is a solution that can allow you to host travelers without giving up valuable space that you need for a home office or a playroom.

A Murphy Bed Gives You the Best of Both Worlds

Instead of putting Grandma on an air mattress, imagine having a queen-sized bed for her, completely decked out with smooth linens and a warm comforter. Sounds great, right? The issue is that you don’t have the space to dedicate an entire room to guests, who might only visit once or twice per year. No problem! With one of our Murphy beds (also called a wall bed), you will have a useful room with an attractive storage unit by day, and a soft, comfortable bed by night.

Our wall beds look like freestanding storage units when the bed is folded up toward the wall. You can store whatever you like in the drawers and shelves, or you could leave them empty for your guests’ belongings. When you do not have an overnight visitor, you use the room as you always do. Get your work done in there, let the kids play, use it to meet with your clients, or whatever you need to do.

When guests are scheduled to arrive, you simply pull down the bed, lock it into place, and make it up as always. Your wall bed comes with a thick, comfortable mattress, and is full- or queen-sized, so you will have room for a couple to spend the night comfortably. When they go home, strip the linens, fold the bed up, and your room is back to normal, as easy as that.

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The possibilities are endless when you have a wall bed at the ready. These are great for empty-nesters who have their adult children (and grandchildren!) come to spend the holidays, or for those who have a college student home for the summer, but who use their old bedroom as an office during the academic year. Host an exchange student, welcome your cousins who live across the country, or encourage late-night visitors to simply spend the night rather than drive home when they are very tired.

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