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What Kind of Hangers Should I Be Using?

Is your closet a mishmash of different types of hangers? If you have many kinds, including wire, plastic, wood and padded satin, you might not know how to decide what items should go on which hangers. On the other hand, if you have only one type, you might find that they don’t adequately hold everything that you want to store in your closet. Here is the lowdown on what kind of hangers to buy for different types of items:

    • Plastic Hangers
      Plastic hangers come in a few varieties. The most popular is the tubular type. These come in many different colors and are very inexpensive; you might be able to find a package of 10 of them for $2 or $3 at your local discount store. While they’re not sturdy enough to hold anything heavy, they are good for light items such as blouses, cotton dresses and light pants. Many have small hooks on them to hold spaghetti straps or the clear plastic straps that allow shirts and dresses to stay on hangers. Generally, these are a great all-purpose hanger, but if you put anything too heavy on them, they may snap.


    • Wire Hangers
      If you bring clothing to be dry-cleaned, it’s likely that you have armfuls of wire hangers. When you receive your shirts back from the cleaners, take them off of the wire hangers and put them on plastic or wood hangers. Then bring these wiry contraptions right back to the cleaners in order to recycle them. While they’re very inexpensive and are fine for transporting your clothes home, they’re not good for storage over any real length of time; they will tend to warp your clothing and, worse, they can rust if the air in your closet is humid. The cleaners use them because they’re cheap and light, and this is a good reason for you not to use them.


    • Wood Hangers
      Wood hangers are among the most expensive, and for good reason: They’re very sturdy and can hold even your heaviest clothing. Also, the way that they are shaped doesn’t let you pack them too closely together, so they act as a barrier between your items of clothing. This can help them to last longer and to stay in better condition. While they’re probably too pricey for most people to use exclusively, they are attractive and are great for the heavier things in your closet.


    • Padded Hangers
      These are usually lined with silk or satin, and are perfect for hanging lingerie. If you prefer to keep your nightgowns in the closet, then padded hangers are the best choice. They’ll keep the straps from wrinkling or tanging, and will allow you to store your items without getting them snagged on other hangers. Padded hangers also often have buttons that help hold tiny straps in place to prevent slipping.


You can buy other hangers as well, such as velvet-lined plastic hangers, which hold slippery items, and small plastic hangers, which are perfect for children’s clothing. You can also get hangers with clips for holding skirts and pants, if you prefer to store them the “long” way. Look at all of the options available and choose the hangers that appeal most to you. A lot is simply a matter of personal choice, and with all of the different types of hangers for sale, you should be able to find a great combination that suits your needs.

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